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Johnnie Walker Whisky Blue Label

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Johnnie Walker Whisky Blue Label

Johnnie Walker Etiqueta Azul


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    Johnnie Walker Whisky Blue Label is the crown jewel of the Walker house, a unique blend made with some of the rarest and most exceptional Scotch whiskies in Scotland. Its exclusive quality and character make it extraordinary, perfect for extraordinary occasions.

    It has a velvety smoothness and vibrancy that comes from the maturation of the malt and grain whiskies that make it up. Its flavor is a symphony of multiple flavors, with notes of dark chocolate, grass, malt, honey and smoke. It has won more gold medals for its excellence than any other premium whisky.

    Johnnie Walker Whisky Blue Label is a whisky that is enjoyed alone, refreshing the palate with cold water. It is an ideal gift for whisky lovers, who will appreciate its complexity and elegance. Johnnie Walker Whisky Blue Label is not just a whisky, it is an elixir!

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